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This is going to be a longer feature document as this is a more complicated set of options.

Import by Category

  • For GM
  • For Player (Temp Import...)

Bind Drag n Drop 

(GM only feature)

How to use it


The import tool brings content into the game which has been grouped into different categories which you will be able to choose specifics elements from in subsequent prompts. In general the import brings into the game handout journal entries which have the RAW 5e descriptions of the content (Skills, Psionic Powers, Spells, Equipment, Background, Feats, Magic Items, Invocations, Class, Race or Subclass/Subrace) all listed within the Player side facing text field for Description & Notes of that Handout.

In the GM Notes section, there is a segment of code which more or less says what that Description & Notes box does but in a way the script better understands for Drag & Drop functionality -- if it's usable / allowed. NOTE: Once the material is imported, modifying the sheet will likely destroy its functionality for Drag & Drop and you'll need to delete and re-import the files.


Currently, the adventure importing loads the text of the adventure booklet, not the map, nor monsters, their locations on the maps or any NPCs
These are not Drag and Drop. You can modify these without loss of function.


These are character creation backgrounds, there are more which you can import the 5eTools Website Homebrew Repository.
Background Feature is brought over via Drag and Drop, the Suggested Characteristics -- Personality Trait, Ideals, Bonds, & Flaws are not - those will need to be manually chosen and either cut and paste on the character sheet from the Background's player facing Description & Notes or manually typed. 


This is the core (base) class such as "Fighter" or "Warlock", Subclasses are handled separately.


Feats are 
When Drag-n-Dropped this doesn't automatically update the Attributes or prompt for choices when the Feat offers two choices.



This includes Adventuring Gear, Ammunition, Weapons, Firearms, Armor, Magical Items, Spellcasting Foci, Shield, Instruments, Tools, Vehicles, Machines, Mounts, Gaming Set, Artisan Tools, Poisons, etc.


Monsters bring over the character sheets (NPC) for the monsters in Roll20's 5e / OGL Character Sheet format.
Importing Monsters through this tool can include configuration of token settings/token action macros and some settings related to the default character sheet behavior, you modify these in the Configuration Editor. 

NOTE:' modifying these settings AFTER importing doesn't change what has already been imported.

Shaped Character Sheet should be able to automatically migrate such information when opened for the first time, 


 These are mostly siege weaponry


 The UA listing of Psionic Powers and Talents.


Regretfully to make the Drag and Drop feature work, each subrace is a separate Handout.


These are the spells. You add these by clicking and dragging them upon the character sheet.
NOTE: the more spells a character sheet has, the larger and more cumbersome it is to work with, its a best practice to include the spells you are using, and remove ''that ones' you do not, and even perhaps not listing the ones that more 'effect' than combative/contested. 
Fireball requires saves and rolling damage, and so is an obvious and worthwhile choice,'Skywrite is a ritual that doesn't require significant interaction mechanically to manage - so it would not be.)  


Group Journal Entries

The Group Handouts By... feature determines the structure of the Journal entries, both handouts AND mon

Rarity Alphabetical Source By Properties

Make Visible Overwrite - When Checked the files should overwrite the files with a copy with the same name, markup/MediaWiki links to the journals will be broken.

Walkthrough (How to use it)


  • Go to the My Settings feature of the Sidebar.
  • From the drop list choose one item from¬†the category list.

Each entry may have different subsequent steps.

  • You may refine the list by search or just click any of the specific entries
  • Determine the grouping

    ‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚ÄčWhen you do this the Sidebar will shift to the Journal Tab,
  • Decide if you want to Overwrite journal entries of the same type and name.
  • Click Import

AS PLAYER Unlike the AS GM, those elements which are imported are lost when the browser restarts and are not included in the game's actual Journal.  Also, players are unable (and not presented) importing Adventures.

  • Go to the Journal¬†feature of the Sidebar.
  • From the drop-list choose one from¬†the category list.

    Each entry may have different subsequent steps.
  • are


Support/Suggested Use Guidance.

(this is a community-curated set of best practices / FAQ on the feature's support and solutions/workarounds.)

The tool imports in a format compatible for 5e OGL (also called the 5e Character Sheet by Roll20) character sheet. The source for that data is a variety of community developed JSON housed in the Homebrew resource library. The library uses a specific guidance, a schema, for the data which you can learn more about there. (Feel free to contribute) The Import hangs while attempting to import. What do I do?

Hit the X or cancel and then close the import window. Attempt to import it again.

While not necessary, its advisable to delete the folders for content that failed ('Journal Cleaner and Delete Folder + Contents) If it fails. Restart the browser and attempt it again.


Non OGL/Roll20s 5e character sheet support (such as Shaped character sheet Support)